Design installations attract people to the city centers

2 weeks ago

Sommer.Kunst.Flanieren (, a project sponsored by bayern design and the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, uses the appeal of art and design to attract people back to the city centers. Between July 16 and September 15, installations in shop windows and public spaces and accompanying activities will be on display in four Bavarian cities.

A different kind of award

1 month ago

Der Deutsche Designer Club e.V. (kurz DDC) startet einen neuen, etwas anderen Design Wettbewerb mit dem Titel WAS IST GUT. Gesucht werden Projekte, die man schon immer machen wollte, weil sie gut und wichtig seien. Auch die Zusammensetzung der Jury folgt anderen regeln als sonst oft üblich.

Industry Report on Corona

1 month ago

A current industry report by the Professional Association of Communication Designers (BDG) paints a bleak picture of the coming months. The third wave, according to the BDG's evaluation, is also having a full impact on communication design. A third of the industry is struggling to survive, and sales have fallen by up to 75 percent.

Calculation tool VTV Design 2021

1 month ago

Designers from all sectors can't avoid the design remuneration agreement (VTV Design) if they want to determine fair and appropriate prices in line with the market. Since 1977, the calculation tool of the Alliance of German Designers (AGD) has provided orientation for an entire industry. In VTV Design 2021, not only have prices and projects now been adapted to the changed design reality, but it also appears for the first time as a user-friendly app.

Inspiration and the design process

1 month ago

Inspiration is an essential part of creativity, innovation and design - yet in practice, idea generation often takes place in an unsorted manner and on the basis of gut feelings. Dr. Jens Mühlstedt, UX expert and usability engineer at designaffairs, showed that it doesn't have to be this way and how it can be done differently at the members' event of bayern design forum e.V. in April 2021.

New European Bauhaus Prize - Ideas for a climat-neutral Europa

1 month ago

The New European Bauhaus initiative calls on all Europeans to develop a common vision of a climate-neutral Europe. The associated prize is intended to honor existing projects and new project ideas.

Neues Museum Nürnberg: New Director Dr. Simone Schimpf

2 months ago

Dr. Simone Schimpf will take over as director of the Neues Museum Nürnberg on July 1, 2021. Schimpf is very familiar with museum management and curation as well as foundation work.

Plagiarius 2021: Against brazen theft of ideas

2 months ago

Plagiarism harms not only the original manufacturers, but also consumers. The "Plagiarius" negative prize was awarded for the 45th time on April 16, 2021 to manufacturers and retailers of particularly brazen plagiarisms and counterfeits.

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